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  • Tswanakart Customer Shipping And Delivery Policy

    All shipping and deliveries are done by Tswanakart From China to the designated country that the customer made the purchase or order from. Upon order arrival the customer will be notified to come pick up their order. Place and time will be communicated to them as well. We offer you a maximum of 5 days free storage to pick up your order from our designated office of which failure to comply will result in you incurring storage penalty fees for your order. After 5 days storage fee is P500.00 1-15days and P1000.00 16-31 days. If you fail to abide by all these, we hold the rights to sell your order and or products to make up for the storage fees you have incurred shall you refuse to pay them. We shall strive to deliver your order within 7- 15 working days using air freight upon successful payment verification unless otherwise specified or mentioned or communicated to you. Tswanakart will do its best to ensure that your package is delivered to you without damage and on time. However only the person designated as the receiver or account owner is the only one who can accept your order. We reserve the right to not handover the package if the recipient provided in the order delivery and account details is not present. Occasionally, package delivery may be delayed due to unprecedented conditions and should that happen, we will not be held liable for any loss caused to you by the late or delayed delivery. Should your package be lost by our courier company and it was not insured, we will only compensate you half the amount you purchased the products for in our website.